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We are agents for a variety of Hong Kong and China owned factories.
Our primary business is plastic injection tools and moulded parts. This part of the business has grown very rapidly during the last 2 years and we have now formed a joint venture with our China based toolmaker to provide a more complete service in-house; toolmaking, moulding and assembly.
For plastic components, our significant benefits include:
low tooling cost,
very quick turn-around time with an average job taking 35-40 days for the first samples,
both toolmaking and moulding done in-house,
our own assembly factory provides the facilities to do light assembly of plastic and metal components, specialised packaging and other value added services.
Because of these benefits, we have been able to assist many customers by helping them get their new products to market quickly and economically.
For some other customers, we have made single cavity trial tools to allow them to test a concept of a new/complex product before they proceed further with multi-cavity tooling.
While our name is Short Run Plastics, we do much much more than this and many of our plastic moulding jobs are of significant volume.
In addition to the plastics, we also offer a broad range of metalwork and other components and services as listed in the menus above.
We are based in Hong Kong and currently supply customers in Australia, UK, Austria and the USA.
Our suppliers are all located in southern China, typically within 3 hours

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