Launched in 2004, is a professional B2B website which is specialized in helping overseas enterprises to expand their China market, increase their products' popularity in China and find more partners for these enterprises by the Internet or other ways. By May 31st, 2010, the number of China members has exceeded 350,000.

We provide foreign enterprises the following 3 services:

Type Content Remarks
Establish Chinese Version Website Foreground Category Home page design,brief introduction of enterprise,product exhibit,partnerships,enterprise qualification,contacts The program can be adjusted due to your request(s).
Background Category Management function related to foreground category. It can be adjusted due to the changing of foreground program whenever needed.
Correlation Design Providing no more than 20 WebPages (free) Charging for each additional page.
We provide only JavaScript animation. We can negotiate on other animation types according to your need.Charging for FLASH animation
Website Maintenance Provide one web international domain name. Contain one year cost.
Web maintenance cost. One year.
Web server cost. One year.
Other Service 2,000 Chinese characters free translation (the amount due to Chinese characters). The charge standard for additional part(s), please see “Attachment (a)”.
Provide web design and source code basic SEO service. We can make grading SEO adjustment according to the actual effect.
E- commerce promotion Freely providing exhibition and promotion for the products of enterprises on both traditional Chinese web and simplified Chinese web of SUGOO ( One year.

Trade supporting

Reply inquires for foreign enterprises to Chinese enterprises. We charge for the translation of email, letters, quotations, fax, etc., please see “Attachment (a): the charge standard”.
Translation of letters between foreign and Chinese enterprises.
Translation of quotation.
Trade tracking.

1. To communicate with both sides of foreign and Chinese enterprises as a go-between through calls, emails and fax during the trading.
2. To send the related samples and tracing them before placing an order; to communicate both foreign and Chinese enterprises through calls, emails and fax about deliver sailing date after placing an order and during the process of delivering.

We charge for the translation of email, letters, quotations, fax, etc., please see “Attachment (a): the charge standard”.

Attachment (a): Charge standard of SUGOO (US Dollar)

Item Common writ Technical data Legal instrument
Japanese/Korean → Chinese 35USD 40USD 45USD
Russian/Spanish → Chinese 40USD 45USD 50USD
English → Chinese 45USD 50USD 55USD
Chinese → English 40USD 45USD 50USD
Chinese → Japanese/Korean 55USD 65USD 75USD
Chinese →Russian/Spanish 55USD 70USD 80USD
mutual translation among English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish 75USD 85USD 90USD
mutual translation between Japanese and Korean 65USD 70USD 85USD

Related explanation after one year:

(Ⅰ)Those who continue to become our member would enjoy 20% discount preferential treatment;
(Ⅱ)To those who stop going on to become our member, we promise you:
1、The Chinese version web belongs to your enterprise, you can recapture it at any time. If you need us to provide you the services such as routing maintenance and sharing servers space resource, etc. we charge for 800 USD per year.
2、The original information of yours on Chinese version website will go on be advertised and promoted on
3、No trade support service provided

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Xingzi Sun
Phone No.: 86 (411) 39735853
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Address: 1110,No.541, Huangpu Road, Network Building, High-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian.
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