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Multi-Version Service

Multifunction Website You can select one template from 42 templates. You can select one template from 42 templates. 20M company mailbox Online Shop
Individualized Website
Information Publication Only publish buying information Publish some types of information
Product Exhibition Publish some types of exhibitition information
Online Sale
Multi-Stage Quotation
Translation Service Totally 5 pieces of information can be translated into 6 languages.
Track Translation
Business Online Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Communication Service
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Delegated Management
Information Transfer
Customer Management
Job Applicants Recommendation
Company Rating
Information Rating
Access Priority
Special Market
Multi-Channel Promotion
Web Advertising
Function Extension
Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain Uncertain

Multifunction Website
  After registration and authentication you can have your own delicate company website (chosen by yourself from 42 templates).
  SugooPass Member SugooPass Advanced Member VIP Member
Domain name Independent international domain name and Sugoo domain name
Version Local language Simple Chinese, Trad Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Simple Chinese, Trad Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.
Space 1 Version X100MB 7 Versions X100MB Unlimited
Website Template Select one from 42 templates Select one from 42 templates Select one template from 42 time after time.
Company card Choose one from 6 company cards Choose one from 6 company cards Choose one from 6 company cards
Company Mailbox 20MB 20MB 50MB and 5 mailboxes with independent domain name of the user as the end.
            Your company website is not only an excellent exhibiting platform, but also a powerful trading platform processing several delicate columns like company profile, company news, business information, product & service, online shop, recruitment, notice, etc.
Multi-Version Service
You can use one username to login all language versions.
Let you enjoy fast and effective
services Sugoo brings to you in the high-speed e-commerce times.
Product Exhibition
According to the professional parameters of setting different kinds of products, we publish the information without any quantity limits. You can also establish your own products exhibition hall with a'Products Album'.  
Information Publication
The users can quickly publish information of different types, including buying, selling, agency, cooperation, bidding, etc.  
Online Sale
A strong online system of running stores and guaranteed safe
online shopping makes it easy for you to run your web store and
help you keep ahead in this information and internet era.
The 21st century is the century of the talents. Using Sugoo's
self-assisting commerce-central management, you can publish the
recruitment requirements here, avoiding all
disadvantages of the traditional method of recruiting like short
time, lack of candidates, high costs, and so on. You can easily
find the talents who best meet your needs!
Customer Management
Sugoo e-commerce platform makes it possible for our customers
to use products advertising, client management, supplying chains
and more other network operations online. Besides, you can
organize and classify all information about clients, buyers,
suppliers, even your fellow traders and competitors online, which
may help you keep close touch with them effectively and
conveniently. We enable your enterprise to explore unique and
attractive commercial space on Sugoo.
All the registered members are authorized and go through the
strict investigation. The trade is based on trust and faithfulness in
order to form a reliable green-trade platform; we offer our
customers fair and low-risk trade.
Translation Service
We translate all your information (including your company's profile, products information, business opportunities, and so on) into all the other six languages. Everything is published on the international Sugoo website so that language barriers are removed.  
Multi-Stage Quotation
According to the World Bank Standards, on Sugoo website all
countries are divided into four stages: high income, high-medium
income, low-medium income and low income, which is the
fundament that Sugoo quotation system is built on. The quotation
system of Sugoo has the U.S. dollar basis which is exchanged into
other currencies according to everyday exchange rate, which
completely maximizes the customers' profits.
Business Online
Sugoo provides a strong functional business network platform for
enterprises. You can leave detailed information about your
enterprise and add more contacts signing up to our enterprise
membership. Moreover, you can move your whole sales
department to Sugoo website and then keep your business
personnels online all the time. You can't miss any bargain chance with Sugoo!
Communication Service
Sugoo supports all instant communication tools like MSN, QQ for users to discuss and communicate online with their partners. Business is always at hand!
Individualized Website
If you are not satisfied with the website templates we provide, we will establish a website completely of your own style unless you are pleased. We try to build your individualized space in Sugoo e-commerce platform.  
Track Translation
Sugoo provides SugooPass VIP Members with professional track translation service. Maximum 20,000 words translation is available (languages can be selected from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish). At global trade becomes much easier!  
Rating Priority
In the information List of the same classification, we put VIP
members' information ahead with an eye-catching title. We offer
our keyword search as a priority service. Staying with us you can
find everything you need.
Access Priority
VIP members have a priority to enjoy a large amount of the latest
buying information about trade and business opportunities on the
market. You can contact promptly local and foreign buyers and
take the preemptive opportunities at any moment by all means like
telephone, quotation message and other ways of communication.
We implement "business opportunities express" according to your industry classification or keyword, and send the latest business opportunities information to you as soon as possible by email every day.
Multiple-Channel Promotion
VIP membership information will be periodically published on
partner websites, magazines, papers, etc. Moreover,
we send the publications and CDs assembling our VIP membership
information to professional exhibitions at home and abroad.
You will get twice the result with half the effort through our multiple
channels of interactive promotion!
Special Market
Sugoo sets up the special purchasing market in order for you to get easily the best goods at a low cost.  
Job Applicants Recommendation
According to your recruitment standards and requirements, Sugoo thoroughly select from the big personnel database the talents who best meet your needs.  
Company Rating Priority
Listing enterprises of the same industry, we place VIP members ahead with a distinct eye-catching mark. You have the choice, grab the first opportunity!  
Delegated Management
Should you find the processing of your product's online imagery bothersome, you may send information to Sugoo customer service anytime, and we will process your information on our website according to your requirements. We relieve you of needless difficulties and hindrance.  
Information Transfer
If your business personnel are not online or your clients cannot contact you temporarily, we receive your clients' messages for you, and inform you as early as possible by all means. We provide you with excellent online and offline services.  
Web Advertising
Sugoo continuously supplies customers with online advertisement for free. More advertisements and more highlights
make the enterprises more splendid.
Function Extension
Sugoo's research and development department is looking for new ways to improve and develop new functions of Sugoo's network according to the modern technology trends, commercial affairs, etc., in order to stay on a good level constantly in such keen competition.