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Professional Advantages
Four Characteristics
Featured Services
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Professional Advantages

Sugoo provides you with a truly international promotion, available in seven different versions, each of which is in Chinese (both simplified and traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Sugoo includes all e-commerce patterns (B2B, B2C, C2C and B2G) and is involved in commerce, exhibition and services. It's your first choice to enter the international market. Also, if using our track translation service for your international trade, you will find it such an easy thing to earn money globally. In Sugoo, you can find business opportunities from all around the world, receive inquiries from business partners, receive large quantities of orders, open your own online shop to wholesale or retail your products to individuals, etc. Want more business partners and profit? Come to Sugoo!

Four Characteristics

  • Internationalization—to expand your products on the international market, we can translate your information into Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
  • Humanization—once registered, all versions are available. Besides, Sugoo gives you more friendly interfaces, more convenient and quick services.
  • Efficiency—Sugoo can provide you with powerful functions, convenient operations, and efficient information search.
  • Individualization—the self-assisted websites can be designed in various styles to perfectly match your taste.

  • Featured Services

    1. Sugoo supports international trade in several languages and allows various types of international trade purposes. All the same, Sugoo is deeply concerned about localized trade.
    2. Sugoo's multi-language track translation service can help you run barrier-free international trade and propel you into the international market.
    3. According to the income differences between countries and regions, Sugoo sets up a special multi-stage quotation system to help you maximize your profits.
    4. One username, all versions: registration in any version will enable you to publish your information in all versions. This function can avoid operational repetition and save you both time and money.
    5. Safe SoPay service provides authentication under professional encryption techniques. Meanwhile, for our cooperation with Capital Information Development Company, we can guarantee that your trade is completely safe.
    6. You can publish the same information in several columns. Make your information be seen by the whole world in several languages, let the world know your existence!
    7. Move your sales department to Sugoo. You can add many contacts to your contact List and discuss your business online. And we will create a big business relationship network for you and your customers.
    8. "Premium network application service" has been specially created for medium and small sized enterprises. The user can have his service extended if needed. You can extend your 100MB website space, 20MB company mailbox and register your company in certain search engines, etc.
    9. Sugoo supports all instant communication tools (MSN and QQ) for you to discuss your business online. The simplest platforms and practical tools give you the most effective and convenient service.
    10. Professional customer service system provides you with one to one, considerate services. We help you master and use online trading skills to promote your transactions.

    Our Targets

  • In the global Internet world, the internationalized Sugoo e-commerce platform will become an integrated centre of the world's business information and a must for marketing media for all companies.
  • Traditional barriers like geography, space and language are no longer problems with Sugoo; we can provide you considerate service and individualized display. Information and trade without barriers; professional and thoughtful services can help you prosper!

  • Your success is our success.
    Providing you with the best service for our mutual development.