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De scription

  ACD-1F Peak Digital Pressure Gauge is provided with two operating modes: peak test mode and digital display pressure gage mode. These two modes can be switched with Mod button.




l      Measurement of maximum pressure or bursting pressure of pressure-proof pipeline

l      Measurement of maximum pressure of pipeline within certain period of time

l      Pressure test for laboratory, household electrical appliances manufacturing, valve and pipeline manufacturing technology

l      Can also be used as normal pressure gage



l      Long service life, high accuracy and good long term stability

l      Acquisition speed is faster than 500 times/s

l      Optional RS485 communication and 4~20mA current output

l      Supporting RS485 communication, always online technology, the bus line can support 255 devices

l      Enhanced thunderbolt prevention technology, to ensure safety of instrument work

l      Zero point homeostasis technology

l      Temperature compensation technology


Data sheet

1.      Measuring Range: Gage Pressure:-100kPa~0~1kPa~260MPa( Optional within the range)

                   Differential Pressure:0~500Pa~3.5MPa( Optional with the range)

                   Absolute Pressure:0~10kPa~60MPa( Optional within the range)

2.      Output signal:4~20mA(24VDC two-wire system), 1-5V

3.      Communication Method: RS485, RS232, MODBUS

4.     Accuracy Grade:0.1, 0.2, 0.5

5.      Stability: superior than 0.1%FS/year, 0.2%FS/year

6.      Acquisition Speed: faster than 500 times/s

7.      Operating Mode: peak test mode and digital display pressure gage mode

8.      Display Mode: dynamic 4 digits LCD display( equal to 4  digits) with kPa, MPa and other pressure units.

9.      Overload Pressure: 1.5-3 multiple range, which depends on measurement range

10.  Range shift: 3:1

11.  Power Supply: 10~30VDC

12.  Load Capacity: RL=  U-Loop voltage(V) RL-Allowable load resistance(Ω)

13.  Medium Temperature:-40~85℃

14. Working Conditions: temperature:-30℃~60℃; Humidity<90%

15.  Explosive-Proof Grade: ExdllBT4

16.  Electric Interface:M20*1.5( internal thread)

17.  Process Link: M20*1.5(external thread) or in accordance with customers demands

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