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Brand Name: Runyuan Specification Type: KY-301
Origin: China Packaging: 200kg/drum
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
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Product Description:

Silicone Oil Emulsion three components finishing agent for polyester staple fiber soft


KY301-super smooth silicone emulsion for polyester steple fiber (three-

dimensional hollow curly)
1, product performance 

KY-301 is a high polymer organic emulsion contains many of the faculties

groups, it can make the polyester fiber smooth, soft, fluffy, good

handling feeling, high recovery and high anti-static characteristics, at

the same time,  improves the fiber’s friction-resistance.

2, product component
Working liquid component                    recommended ratio 
Ky301-A                                               100
Ky301- B                                                5
Ky301-C                                                10
Suggested working liquid concentration ratio
 (original products: water)                              1:5 ~ 15
Oiling rate %                                            0.3 0.6

3, working liquid compounding method
1) according to the concentration and the proportion of the total amount

of the expected liquid, calculate the weight of all components according

to recommend ratio. (for example, finishing agent: water = 1:10, so for

1100 kg of working liquid, the weight should be weighted 1000 kg, Ky301-A

is 86.96 kg, Ky301-B is 4.35 kg, Ky301-C is 8.69 kg, pouring them into the

kettle and stir.)
2) pouring the needed amount of water into the kettle and start mixing,

then pouring the weighted Ky301-A, B and C in to the kettle. Continue to

stir about 15 minutes.
3) stopping mixing and storing the working liquid in storage tank for

4) heating is not needed during the working liquid preparation, room

temperature water is advisable.
5) preparated liquid should be used during 12 to 24 hours.


4, oiling way
The finishing agent using the spray or the combination of dipping and

spraying oiling method, either of them can achieve satisfactory finishing


5, the fiber heating setting process requirement
Oiled curly tow, short fibers must to be done heating setting processing.

Suggesting temperature 150 ℃ ~ 170 ℃, retention time 10 min ~ 15 min, of

course, concrete process parameters determined by fiber manufacturers.

6, fiber finishing effection
After the processioon, the short fiber is smooth, soft and fluffy, and

will not be yellow.

7, the product security
no bad reaction to human skin in using procession, but please wash with a

lot of clean water if it splash into eyes.
8, packaging and shipping quality
1), with 50 L or 200 L clean airtight plastic packaging.
2), stored in a ventilated shady and cool place, storage temperature 0 ~

35 ℃. Storage period for half a year.
3), according to the non-dangerous goods shipment.

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