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Brand Name: Runyuan Specification Type: KY-1618A
Origin: China Packaging: 200kg/drum
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
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Product Description:

Silicone Wax Oil Emulsion for the lubrication of the sewing thread


KY1618A Silicone Wax


KY1618A is fit for the lubrication of the sewing thread. After applying this product to the sewing thread, the sewing thread is excellent in antistatic, smooth, high temperature resistance. Compared with the dimethyl oil, the sewing thread using silicone wax is harder to break and have better performance in high speed (7000needles/min)sewing process .

1-produces thread with low friction charateristics
2-produces uniform distribution over entire thread surface, producing thread with low friction variations,
3-using successfully on dyed thread and fabric,
4-remains liquid at room temperature,
5-requires minimal cleanup when applied with a high-speed Hacoba winder,
6-easy to apply, more cost effective than exhaustible finishes.
Silicone and wax dispersion

3. product technical index
Appearance: milky-white liquid
Solid content: 100%
Ph value:6.5-7.5

4. Application
1-KY-1618A remains liquid at room temperature. It is applied by thelick roll process and can be used as supplied. A pickup weight of 3 to 5 percent is recommended.
2-KY-1618A is stable over a wide temperature range, However irreversible separation will occur if it is heated above 50°C, Extreme care shouldbe taken to ensure that heating elements in the finish troughs are turned off prior to thread finish application.
3-The storage temepature for KY-1618A is 0°C -35°C, When stored in closed containers, KY-1618A thread finish has a usable shelf life of 6 monthes, During prolonged storage, there maybe a slight tendency for product seperation, agitage prior to use to ensure homogeneity.
5:Package Way: 200kg/steel drum, 25kg/plastic drum, 5g/pice, to store in a cool place. To prevent direct sunlight, Non-dangerous goods transportation.

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