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Brand Name: Runyuan Specification Type: KY-250-30
Origin: China Packaging: 200kg/drum
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
First Batch Order Quantity: Product Price:
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Product Description:

High Viscosity phenmethyl Silicone Oil cold resistant for Fan Clutch, Shock Absorber


KY-2010 silicone oil especially suitable for fan clutch, shock absorber use

1, product introduction

KY-2010 silicone oil is a transparent liquid, non-toxic, no corrosion, physical laziness.
It also has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, can be used for long time during the temperature from -50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, low sticky temperature coefficient, good dielectric properties and good electrical insulating performance. In addition, it has strong shear capacity and good light-admitting quality, low surface tension, good hate water moistureproof, low volatile  characteristics.  Especially suitable for fan clutch, shock absorber use.

2 The product main application

1) widely used in motor, electric appliance, electronic instrument as high temperature resistant, arc resistance, corona resistance corrosion resistance ,moistureproof, dustproof and insulation medium, at present is also used for transformer, capacitor oil, can make the transformer smaller ,increase the capability, improve the safety and which is pollution free.
2) shockproof damping oil, widely used in instrument, buffer damper car fan, etc. Using this product for liquid spring, small volume, light weight, can bear strong impaction in a wide range of temperature, perfect shock resistance.
3) as lubricantion. Apply to lubricantion of rubber, plastic, plastic bearings and gears, machinery and confidential instrument
4) for other purposes. can be usded as high temperature bath and heat carrier, heat exchange system of precision instrument, penetrating pringting prevent agent of dry copier, for producing any kinds of polish agent. For cosmetics products to improve skin care and moisture, etc.


3 packaging and shipment

1, packed with plastic coated iron 200 kg/barrels, or 50 kg plastic drum.
2, should be stored in clean, seal containers, stored in the dry and ventilated place.
3, shipment and storage according to the non-dangerous goods.

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