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Brand Name: Runyuan Specification Type: KY-206
Origin: China Packaging: 200kg/drum
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
First Batch Order Quantity: Product Price:
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Product Description:

Hydroxy Silicone Oil As fabric finishing agent give fabric, paper, leather waterproof


KY-206 hydroxy silicone oil 

1 [ product introduction]            

 This product is the hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane, 

2 [Characteristic and application] 


This product is the hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane, therefore it has the special performance brought by the lively hydroxyl.


1 as the processing aids for silicone rubber, can improve the silicone rubber’s processing performance and used as silicone rubber structure controller,

2 As fabric finishing agent, can significantly improve the polyester thread’s smoothness, sewing capacity, high temperature resistant and antistatic performance. Can make thefabric soft, smooth and elastic. Also give fabric, paper, leather waterproof, water-and performance.

3 Can be used in the anti-adhesion processing of advanced quality paper.

4 as the main ingredients for leather smooth agent and brightening agent. (Cured under room temperature by certain amount mixture of plastic coupling agent and catalyst agent)
3 [technical index]
1, appearance: colorless -transparent oily liquid
2, viscosity (25 ℃,) : 25 to 30 cs
3, PH value: 6 to 7
4, refractive index: 1.40 ~ 1.405
5, hydroxyl content: 7.5 ~ 9.2%
4 [ packaging and shippment]
1, product should be stored in a clean, dry neutral plastic or tinplated barrels.
2, product should lay aside and moisture, prevent sun direct illuminate, strictly prevent workshop of acid or alkali material into the barrel packaging.
3, effective storage period for half a year, according to the shipment of non-dangerous goods.

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