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Brand Name: Runyuan Specification Type: KY-204
Origin: China Packaging: 200kg/drum
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
First Batch Order Quantity: Product Price:
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Product Description:

High Viscosity Water Soluble Polyether Silicone Oils 1500 ~ 5000 CST for cosmetic, leather


KY-204 polyether modifed silicone oil

1 Product introduction
Smooth, soft, low surface tension, hygroscopic, antistatic, water soluble, widely used in textile 

and printing and dyeing areaes.

2 Molecular structure

3 Technical Index


Light yellow transparent liquid

Ion type

Non-ionic type

Specific gravity(25℃)




Refractive index


Flashing point


Cloudy point


Active ingredient



4 Properties and application
Non-poison, non-erosion, soluble in water, ethanol, aromatic hydrocarbons. Good textile tidy agent. It can be applied to polyester, nylon, cotton, poly cotton, wool, artificial yarn. Give the textile the following excellent character:


1. softness, the textile tidy with this product become smooth, comfortable and silk-like in touching
2. good air permeability, eliminate the stuffy, not sweat absorption character of synthetic fabrics
3. antistatic, hardly dust absorption, easy to wash
4. anti contraction, stable in size, esp. for the anti contraction of the wool fabrics
5. elastic, good elastic character

KY-204 water soluble silicone oil can be used to handle all kinds silk and yarn, glossy and smooth after handling. KY-204 water soluble silicone oil is widely used in cosmetic products such as shampoo, ointment or emulsion for making up.It can be applied to leather industry, the main components of the leather smooth modifier and finishing agent, make the surface of leather smooth and glossy.Paint additive, can improve leveling property of the paint, make the paint surface glossy.Plastic additive and mold releasing agent.

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