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Brand Name: Runyuan Specification Type: KY-2116
Origin: China Packaging: 200kg/drum
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
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Product Description:

Water based and oily paint, printing ink Non Silicone Antifoam Viscosity 500 ~ 2000


1 Properties and characteristics of products:
Product is mainly compouned by polyether and organo-siloxane, with a special fat reaction to reach low surface tension. which is suitable for water, oily defoaming system. With excellent acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, versatility, stability. The antifoaming agent has excellent defoaming effect and good bubble controlling ablitity.

2 Main technical index:
1)appearance:                  light yellow oily liquid
2), the content of solid (%) :      100
3), viscosity (25 ℃, mpa.s) :      500 ~ 2000
4), PH value:                    6.5~7.5
5), ionic type:                   non-ionic

3 Usage way and dosage
1),Stiring the KY-2116 before using it, In order to achieve the best effection, must scatter defoaming agent completely in foam medium. Thus you can also dilute antifoam with the solvent of benzene, ketone or cool water in advance, when diluting the antifoam, should adding defoaming agent into the solvent with stirring solvent slowly and and mixing them blending. Diluted defoaming agent shall be immediately used.

2) If the defoaming agent-using system has fully mixing or turned equipments(can make the defoaming agent spread uniformity in sparkling medium), the defoaming agent can be directly joined into sparkling medium, there is no need for diluting.
3),because defoaming effectioon will be effected by the factors of bubbling, medium, bubbling temperature, chemical characteristics, sparkling quantity and mixing and so on, the final-using amount and the best economic effect usage and dosage of KY2115 should be determined after the trials by users before using.

4 Applications: 
1), specially for water-based and oil painting,
2), also for metal cleaning industry(specially for spraying cleaning), fermentation(antibiotics, citric acid), oil field mud, painting, leather, metal cutting fluid and the antifoaming and foam-controlling in high temperature and strong alkali.

5 Product packaging and storage:
1, this product is packed with 25L, 50L, or 200L plastic drum or 200L powder coating steel drum,
2, this product should be stored in ventilation, should be stored in a cool place, the storage period is twelve months.
3, this product according to the non-dangerous goods store.

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