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Brand Name: HIKOSKY Specification Type: HK-128
Origin: Zhejiang, China Packaging: Plastic Box
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 Piece
First Batch Order Quantity: Product Price:
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Product Description:

Double Action Trigger Air-Paint Control Art Airbrush Kit with 5ml Metal Cup for Models OEM



Airbrush is an instrument used to apply paints or inks to a surface. Paint is siphoned from a paint cup or bottle that is attached to the body of the airbrush,   and then it is mixed with air and sprayed by the pressure of an air compressor or compressed air tank via an air hose.

This model is perfect choice for large area uniform painting of roughly pigment paints and paintwork facilitated by diameter of 0.35mm nozzle and two detachable glass jaws and a 5cc metal cup. Double action lever allows precise regulation of paint and air mixture. The screw before the lever and adjusting screw at the end of handle helps you achieve the ideal of paint-flow volume as you needed.

Beautiful Chrome plated body build,   solvent resistant seals,   rust free needle system,   smooth trigger,   and excellent paint air mixture flow.

This airbrush gun type is a professional device for double-action technology for model makers,   graphic designer or retouches etc.

This airbrush gun is double action type,   which means: By pressing down the operation lever you can regulate the airflow,   by turning it back (at the same time) you can regulate the paint volume. By activating the control lever downwards,   the compressed air flows forwards,   out off the needle cap. By pressing the control lever backwards,   the paint comes out of the nozzle and is sprayed on the object due to the air pressure. The more the control lever is backwards,   the more paint is sprayed. It is recommended to use a double action airbrush from the beginning.



Suitable for body tanning,  body tattoo,  commercial arts,  illustration,  photo retouching,  hobby,  crafts,  cosmetics,  makeup,  cake decoration,  models,  fingernail painting,  and general airbrushing. Great for any job requiring an effective spray.



Feed Type


Body Length


Nozzle dia.


Working Pressure


Action Type

Double Action Trigger Air-Paint Control

Glass Jars Capacity


Metal Cup Capacity


PU Air Hose

5 feet

Metal Hanger



1/4" (F) 5mm(M)

Carton Size


Qty Per Carton





Competitive Advantage:

Good quality with very competitive price

With 1 year warranty

Can offer OEM or ODM

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