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Origin: Taiwan Packaging:
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 3000pcs
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Super Blue Color LED

Model number:0402.0603.0805


3 years warranty

Free samples for testing


1. Emitted Color : Super Blue
2. Lens Appearance : Water Clear.
3. Mono-color type.
4. 2.1x0.6x1.0mm(0802) standard package.
5. Suitable for all SMT assembly methods.
6. Compatible with infrared and vapor phase
reflow solder process.
7. Compatible with automatic placement
8. This product doesn’t contain restriction
Substance, comply ROHS standard.
● Applications:
1. Automotive : Dashboards, stop lamps,
turn signals.
2. Backlighting : LCDs, Key pads advertising.
3. Status indicators : Comsumer & industrial
4. General use

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