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Brand Name: DT Specification Type: BM8
Origin: china Packaging:
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1piece
First Batch Order Quantity: 10pcs Product Price:
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LCD flip up device is designed to protect and conceal LCD monitors, and make more space available on the desk. It is designed according to diverse requirements of users, it can be placed on various kinds of meeting room and company location, it also can be embedded in bookcase, filing cabinet also assorts with home theatre in use, easy to operate, rigging with the automatic hand-clamping proof function, safe and reliable, elegant appearance, can be applied to various standard and model's LCD.



Hand-protect functions.

Panel Material: Aluminium alloy(black/sliver)—thickness: 5mm

Size: our normal size is 17”, 19”, 21”, other size can be customized.



1. Motorized control, Flexibility, stability, waterproof and dust proof;

2. The screen can be rotated from 0-120°. Can be stopped at any position in this range;

3. Motorized type, manual control or RF remote control is available; With RS232, RS485 connectors, can be central control.

4. Very easy operation for any user to control;

5. This LCD flip up device can be used with conference table& computer desk together.

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