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Brand Name: DT Specification Type: AM4
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Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1piece
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LCD motorized Lift is designed to hide LCD screens. In ordinary meetings, LCD screens will be hided inside of the table, it makes the the tabletop neat; In multi-media meetings, LCD Monitors can be lifted individual, groups or all. It’s widely used for Video conferencing system, TV conferencing system, and financial analyzing system and so on.


This product we adopt wire rope lifting principle which can make it runs more smoothly and quietly. It has hand-protect functions. Switch on the panel we used a ultrathin and good-looking switch. The panel we used best quality and the thinkness is reach to 6mm.



1. The panel is alluminum alloy---- best quality;

2. Electric control, lifting comfortable, height-adjustable;

3. Flexibility, stability, low noise, waterproof, dust proof and good shockproof performance;

4. Our regular size is 17", 19", 21", other size can be customized;

5. Humanization design, manual adjust viewing angle of 8 degrees;

6. Very easy operation for any user to control, all lifts UP/DOWN together by one remote Controller;

7. Hand switch and remote control are available, RS232/RS485 connectors are equipped;

8. This LCD lift can be used with conference table& computer desk together.

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