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CAS NO.:                    9005-36-1                   

Molecular Formula:    (C6H7O6K)n             


Potassium Alginate, extracted from brown seaweed, is a kind of yellowish powder. Potassium Alginate is odorless, tasteless and easily dissolved in water, becoming thick solution.




Viscosity( 1% solution, cps)

As required

Particle Size

As required




6 to 9.5





Heavy Metal


Insoluble Matter


Calcium Content


Sulfuric Acid Ash

30 to 37%

Please note that parameter could be adjusted according to your requirement.


Potassium Alginate is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industry. Potassium Alginate is a kind of natural carbohydrate extracted from seaweed. It is mainly used in medicine and health caring food additives because of the function on blood fat, blood sugar and cholesterol lowering. At the same time, Potassium Alginate is also a good material for dental mould casting and mask, and is used in field of cosmetic gradually. 


Package and Storage:

25Kg (Net weight) per bag, with compound package bag (a polyethylene bag as liner and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer)  


Keywords: Potassium Alginate, K Algin, Alginate Salt, Algin Thickening Agent

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