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Brand Name: kingwells Specification Type: KW-BSE-01
Origin: china Packaging:
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 piece
First Batch Order Quantity: 1 piece Product Price:
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Product Description:

Field of application
BS EN 1335-3: 2009 5.3 (Fig. 1 or Figure A. 2) Seat Loading Pad
BS EN 1335-3: 2009 Figure A. 1 Seat Loading Pad
EN 1725: 1998 Fig A. 1 Edge loading pad geometry: Hardwood construction
EN 1725: 1998 Fig A. 2 Edge loading pad geometry: Moulded fibre glass construction
EN 1728: 2001 5.5 (Fig. 4) Seat loading pad-Overall dimensions
ENV 581-2: 2000 Fig C. 2 Seat loading pad geometry - Hardwood construction
Function : Simulate the body hip. Load the weight to the surface of product like actual use.

Structure characteristics
1. Per BS standard, Mold manufacturing, the size and material meet the standard requirement.
2. Simple 'plug' style connect. Easy assemble and disassemble.
3. Asseble the universal joint, 25 degree swing angle.
Size and material meet the standard requirement.
Assemble the plug adapter, Internal dia 20 mm, depth 20 mm, easy to fasten.
Test objects: Seating

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