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Brand Name: KINGWELLS Specification Type: KW-BFM-06
Origin: CHINA Packaging:
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 piece
First Batch Order Quantity: 1 piece Product Price:
Time of Issue: Oct. 22, 2012 13:56:30 Click Rate:
Product Description:

Field of application
Special using to fasten five-star feet, Easy to find Chair Base Center
Working Rationale
By the five supporting columns rotation of the two inner and outer concentric discs, to easy find the center of five-start foot.
Structure characteristics
1. Special fixture, using to fasten the five-star foot.
2. Coinciding the cente of five-star foot and test platform, Easy to fix the chair.
3. Free of force in vertical direction, Real to simulate the actual use.

1 Inner disc dia: 200mm
2 Outer disc dia: 260mm
3 Supporting column height: 190mm
Test objects : Five-star base chair
Screw lock and fix.
Pin fasten the outer disc into test platform.
Main size : 300x300x200mm(LxWxH)
Weight: 8.23 Kgs

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