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Brand Name: KINGWELLS Specification Type: KW-BFM-13
Origin: CHINA Packaging:
Product Quantity: Unit of Quantity: 1 piece
First Batch Order Quantity: 1 piece Product Price:
Time of Issue: Oct. 22, 2012 15:03:54 Click Rate:
Product Description:

KW-BFM-13 Chair Strength Tester

Structure characteristics:
1 Aluminum structure, stainless steel test platform.     
2 Through change the position of Pulley to change out-force direction of air cylinder.     
3 Semi sealed structure, 8mm transparent organic glass observation window ensure safety of operator.   
4 Precision manual pressure regulating valve + SMC Precision pressure sensor+Digital display.    
5 Comparasion the set value with the current value, output the signal to trigger the pressure and delay action, delay to get the set up value, Cylinder retraction, finish the compression test.     
6 Assemble 4 PCS Caster, Easy to move.     
7 Disc type fasten plate to fix the five-star base.     
1 Dia 80mm Air cylinder with traveling 500mm, When air pressure get 0.5 Mpa, the output force is 220kgf.   
2 Out-force time 0~60 min, May transfer '' second" as unit     

Control System:
1 Multi-function testing equipment, out-force and traveling for selection.     
2 Through change the position of Pulley to change out-force direction of air cylinder.     
3 The form-fitting Device was fasten to backrest which was connect to the air cylinder by Ribbon. When the force was lost, the beckrest will return to the original state.     
4 Precision manual pressure regulating valve ensure to get the stable and reliable out-force value which indicate in the digital display.     
5 L style Baffle plate+L style Pressure plate fix the base; Manual screw fix these plate.     
6 RPM disply and it is adjustable.     

Gas source: AP: 0.5MPa; FR: 800L/min, filtering water, drying treatment.

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