“Global E-commerce Union” Invitation
Ⅰ. Purpose
To conform to the trend of economic globalization, Sugoo.com brings forward “Global E-commerce Union” based on mutual benefit and development. Sugoo.com seeks for cooperation sincerely from e-commerce websites of various countries, and wishes every partner website' information become more complete and various by mutual cooperation.

The goal of union: collect the extensive business information of all over the world by global e-commerce industry, increase every partner website' member quantity, information quantity and click times by every partner website's information exchange, increase every partner website' fame, so that every partner website could provide more complete service for members with more added-value and practicability and promote every website' development.

Sugoo.com was established in 2005, and has Chinese members of over 260 thousand now. Sugoo.com will introduce more Chinese companies into international market with the advantage of several language versions. At the same time, we also expect to introduce more foreign companies to Chinese buyers and consumers to help foreign companies develop huge Chinese market of 130 million populations.
Ⅱ.Cooperation methods
1)Exchange logo links, show every partner website's link in all other partners websites as business partner.

2)Increase every partner website's information quantity by exchanging member information and business information among partners websites.
Sugoo.com will provide SugooPass member service for members of every partner website, at the same time, every partner website also needs to publish our website's member information. In addition, Sugoo.com will translate freely buying information into Chinese for members from partners websites who want to buy Chinese products, and publish buying information in Sugoo.com of Chinese version so that it is convenient for Chinese manufacturers to contact these members

3)Provide help for business activities of partners websites and their members in China
Sugoo.com will effectively provide help for partners websites by our fame in China, development in Chinese market, buying directly from Chinese manufacturers, development of huge Chinese population of 130 million etc. We help them develop Chinese market.
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