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Cooperate with Sugoo and realize the following F F F !

You can come to expect first-rate service from us.
We aim to fulfill all of our users' needs.
We work with the most far-reaching partners from all corners of the world.


1. Association & Cooperation   
Sugoo hopes that all fellows can work together to globalize the e-commerce trade on the principle of mutual assistance.

2. Media cooperation       
Sugoo works closely with all the media to publicize our services for the benefit of our users and business partners.

3. Commercial service cooperation    
Sugoo hopes to work together with partners from every business field to develop international e-commerce. The cooperation items may range from finance, logistics, declaration, personnel, insurance, leasehold, translation, agency(finance, technology, culture, business, network, real estate) to advertisement, exhibition, printing, reservation(ticket, hotel, food & beverage ), shopping mall, etc.

4.Government institution cooperation    
Sugoo sincerely hopes to work together with partners with government, business associations, civilian trade unions, and so forth, to develop international e-commerce and set up an international agency portal of brand-new concept.


    The rapid development of the internet is contributing to a rise in the level of global e-commerce trading which in turn guides the trend and direction of the world's economy.
    At present, the development of e-commerce has two trends: individualization and specialization, and the requirements of clients also develop with the development of productivity, so Sugoo aims to form a strategic alliance with different types of clients. Sugoo will specially select services and partners for you that genuinely satisfy your demands. Whether your company is engaged in business affairs, trading items, business services, or a business association and specialized market, we welcome everyone. We hope that you will wish to establish a solid partnership with us. We will easily bring you profits with abundant technology, perfect information management and high-quality service.

     Many people predict that the competition among global e-commerce websites reached in its climax. However, whatever hardships and difficulties lie in the future market, Sugoo has the confidence and power to face the challenges as a featured member of the world’s e-commerce field. Active and innovative as we are, we will finally and definitely succeed in the fierce competition among global e-commerce websites.

    Welcome to all our new business partners. Sugoo will create, build and develop our brand-new e-commerce platform together with you .