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Characteristic of Use

1. Practical and effective: not only can be used inside and outside room, but also can be used when you are sitting and lying;

2. Convenient of carrying: a portable design for carrying easily;

3. Simple operation: you can adjust the angles and strength of traction by yourself;

4. Safety: this product causes no pain, risk and side effect if used in accordance with the instruction given;



Characteristics of Function:

This product is small in size, light in weight (250g), powerful in traction (0-80kg) and long in traction rang (1-20cm). It has a special dynamic structure, which can automatically protect the sensitive area in front of neck area when pumping, the three air chambers are divided into high and low respectively; the lower part can be separated partly in order to adjust the angles and traction. Close the higher part after enough air pumped which can make patients feel comfortable in the course of traction and fixing adjustment.

There are three high performance magnets used in CV-C Neck Traction Fixer, which is helpful to enhance the curative effects in healthcare.



1. Put Neck Traction around the neck, adjust the circle for different sizes and fix the nylon strap in the front according to your condition. And the Gas-filling Valve is on your left hand;

2. Fasten the air-releasing screw before pumping;

3. Adjusting the clutching condition in the lower part of the circle, and the traction angle according to the feeling of patients or the advice of doctors. If the disease is on the right, please strengthen that side by separating the left side;

4. Pump with hand until feeling comfortable and symptom remising. After pumped, please put the ball into the upper pipe for protecting the hand-pump;

5. The fixing control can be used for a long time, 20-30 minutes for medium and minor traction, and 1-3 minutes for major traction;

6. Usually, the first make the medium and minor traction, then the major traction according to the feeling of patients. A course of 1-2 doses daily for 10-20 days;

7. Must use it under doctor direction during concrete symptoms treatment;

8. After treatment, push back the ball first, exhaust air as natural as possible by gradually relaxing the screws. Do not squeeze the tractor for exhausting.



1. Use it under the doctor?s direction, and relax yourself as much as possible during treatment;

2. When abnormal reaction appears during the treatment, exhaust air slowly, adjust angulations and strength until abnormal reaction disappeared, and then try it again;

3. When doing the medium or major traction, you can close the low pressure air-chamber before pumping is finished so that the upper air chamber could keep soft and patients feel comfortable during treatment;

4. Major traction must be done after 20-30 minutes minor or medium traction;

5. When gas-filing valve appears to return air slowly during pumping air unblocked can be resumed by a wooden toothpick to poke air intake in the bottom of valve;

6. Avoid sharp and hard goods touching tractor or over pumping when used;

7. Avoid infinite pumping when unused.


Main Technical Index of this Pneumatic Cervical Traction:

1. The traction range is 20cm (plus or minus 4cm);

2. The neck traction fixer can bear 80kg in weight when the inside air pressure reaches 0.024mpa; no leaking occurs in two minutes; when air-locked ball is pushed to the liking pipe, no leaking occurs within five minutes in the switch area;

3. The neck traction fixer can bear 60kg in weight and there is no distortion when the inside air pressure reaches 0.023mpa. 

4. The traction angle and circle sizes can be adjusted by nylon strap. The adjustable range of circle sizes is 28cm-48cm.



1. After treatment, the tractor must be discharged spontaneously, then put it into the package to prevent it from getting dirt;

2. When the patient does not use the Neck Traction Fixer for a long time, please store it with some air in it, which will be helpful for prolonging their life-time;

3. Store it far from the sharp and hard objects, fire and high temperature;

4. Keep CV-C Neck Traction Fixer, especially the magnetic part dry and store it far from magnetic materials and items like TV set, watch and so on.



1. Spots on the surface of Neck Traction Fixer must be cleaned by soft brush after pumping proper amount of air into it. Heavy rubbing and cleaning with hard brush are strictly prohibited;

2. When CV-C Neck Traction Fixer needs cleaning, the magnets should be kept away from immersion into water;



1. Over-traction is prohibited for the users;

2. Then severe patients should use it strictly following doctor?s advice.



FDA Registration No.:    3004901938

Standard No. :           YZB/Jing 0618-2004

Registration No.:         Approval 2007 Jing Yao Jian Xie No.1260092

Invention Patent No.:      00136101.5

New Practical Patent No.:  00267552.8

Shape Patent No.:         00345713.3

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