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Application: Under the normal temperature, the tetrafluoro-methane is the condensibility gas which the achromatic color, the odourlessness, do not burn, the volatility is high, is one of stablest organic compounds, when 900°C, with the copper, the nickel, the tungsten, the molybdenum did not respond, only under carbon arc temperature slow decomposition, in the water, under 25°C and 0.1Mpa its solubility is slightly soluble 0.0015% (load ratio), when with ignitable gaseous combustion, will decompose produces the virulent fluoride. 

As the plasma dry etching technique used in a low temperature system air - cooling agent and integrated circuit. Currently, Tetrafluoromethane is the usage biggest as plasma etching technique gas in the micro-electronics industrial , its tall purely gas and the mixed gas(high-purity Tetrafluoromethane mixed with the high-purity oxygen), can extensively be applied to silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, phosphorosilicate glass and the etching technique of tungsten thin - film material. At electron spare part surface cleaning, the manufacture of solar cell, laser technique, gaseous insulation, low temperature system air - cooling, leakage inspection agent, control cosmos rocket carriage, the detergent in the printed circuit also in great quantities used.

Tetrafluoromethane the dissolving of oxygen good, therefore be used for by the scientist super - depth to dive experiment to replace common compressed air. Have already achieved success on rat currently, in the depth of 275-366 meters, the small white rat is still safe to escape from danger.

In medicine, it also can be used tomake narcotics.

Product Specification









Physical Date

Molar Mass

88.0043 g/mole

Boiling Point

-127.8 °C, 145 K, -198 °F


3.72 g/l, gas (15 °C)

Vapor Pressure    

3.65 MPa at 15 °C;     106.5 kPa at -127 °C

Melting Point

-183.6 °C, 90 K, -298 °F

Solubility In Water

0.005%V at 20 °C;   0.0038%V at 25 °C


soluble in benzene, chloroform

Appearance And Odor   

colorless, odorless gas

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