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Application: Although xenon is rare and relatively expensive to extract from the Earth's atmosphere, it has a number of applications.Xenon is used in light-emitting devices called xenon flash lamps, which are used in photographic flashes and stroboscopic lamps; to excite the active medium in lasers which then generate coherent light; and, occasionally, in bactericidal lamps. The first solid-state laser, invented in 1960, was pumped by a xenon flash lamp, and lasers used to power inertial confinement fusion are also pumped by xenon flash lamps.In 1962, a group of researchers at Bell Laboratories discovered laser action in xenon, and later found that the laser gain was improved by adding helium to the lasing medium.Xenon has been used as a general anesthetic. Although it is expensive, anesthesia machines that can deliver xenon are about to appear on the European market, because advances in recovery and recycling of xenon have made it economically viable.Xenon induces robust cardioprotection and neuroprotection through several a variety of mechanisms of action.

Product Specification











 Impurity content (ppm)


Kr<1, O2<1, N2<2, CO2<0.5, THC<0.1, Moisture<0.5

Physical Date

Molecular Weight

131.3 g/mole

Boiling Point

-162.6oF (-108.1oC)

Specific Volume

2.9274 ft3/lbs at 70oF

Vapor Pressure    

@70oF (21.1oC) Above the critical temp. of 69.9oF (2oC)

Liquid Density at Boiling Point

190.8 lb/ft3 (3057kg/m3)

Gas Density at 70oF. 1 atm

0.342 lb/ft3 (5.48kg/m3)

Solubility In Water

Very soluble

Freezing Point

-169.2oF (-111.8oC)

Evaporation Rate

N/A (Gas)

Specific Gravity (Air=1)

@70oF (21.1oC) = 4.56

Appearance And Odor    Colorless, odorless gas.

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