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Hose tube filling sealing machine

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Filling Machine Product De scription:


Our company products include:Oil filling machine,Liquid filling machine,Paste filling machine,ect.

Applies to: RGNF-30 for medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products industries such as plastic pipe, aluminum-plastic composite tube filling and sealing needs.

Principle features:
A, RGNF-30 for medicine, food, cosmetics, daily chemical products industries such as plastic pipe, aluminum-plastic composite tube filling and sealing needs. Can be a variety of mushy, paste, viscosity fluid materials etc smoothly and accurately into the tube, and complete the pipe hot air heating, sealing tail and playing lot number, manufacturing date.
B, machine structure is compact, automatic control, driving part is fully closed.
C, the aircraft completed by the automatic operating system for the tube, wash pipe, knowledge standard, filling, thermally dissolved,end capping, play yards, finishing, finished out of the whole process.
D, is accomplished by a pneumatic supply tubes, wash pipe, action accurate and reliable.
E,Rotary HoseTube Mold with electric eye control center positioning device, using photoelectric sensor automatic positioning.
G, intelligent temperature control and cooling system simple, reliable sealing tail.
H, contact parts materials used 316L stainless steel, cleaning, sanitation, in full compliance with GMP specifications.
I, the machine speed by frequency converter control and adjustment.
J, dial direct and convenient height adjustment.
K, tube filling volume can be adjustable with hand wheel adjustment, convenient and quickly.
L, equipped with safety devices, door stop, no controls will not filling, overload protection.
Filling speed 0-25 bottles / min 20-60 bottles / min
Filling Range 5ml-250ml / branch (adjustable)
Filling accuracy ≤ ± 1%

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