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  1. Agent qualification : With legal personality, offer the copy of business license and bank certificate. Including company introduction, Full address of company, sales situation and some pertinent data. ( Private person also can apply the sales agent of YISENNI WALL COATING, but you should with the enough economic condition and the bank cried standing certificate.

 2. Applicants who responsible the agent area, must have the developing market and sales ability, have the completely distribution network. Keep the economic strength and high reputation in business. Also have most experience in the operate market, manage, sales team. Country agent of “YISENNI” wall covering, should according to the population , economic and the consumption level of the area in the country, establish the city agent and area agent in his country. Also saperate the agent into “A” level and “B” level.

3. De scription of the market level : Market “A”: such as ( New York , Washington, Los Angeles,)The capital city, and the special economic zone where keep the big market, more population, and the best economic effective also have the convenient traffic area. Market “B” such as Chicago, Huston where keep second level market and the economic effective.

4. Terminal sales : the agent of YISENNI wall coating, should be sales directly in building materials market, and chain building materials store , or exclusive shop. The area agent sales price should according to the country agent sales price rule.

 5. Agent company has the responsibility to control their distributor’s stock, and let them keep the reasonable stock , in the same time, the agent company has the responsibility to control and deal with the change the products, lower price for sales in his agent area. If there is the conditions as above, the agent should confirm the information and dealwith it. Keep and view the distributor in his area’s rules and rightness.

 6. Keep the products reputation and the benefit, also keep the price for the distributor in the area, let them has the reasonable

7. 90days in signed the contract, is the tries sales period in the contract.

8. Agent conditions : first order cannot less than 10,000USD, After the tries sales period, order for every month cannot leass than 20,000USD.


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