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AAC (Autoclaved aerated concrete) block production line supplied by HUA WEI company, the capacities range from 160 – 300 m³/day. The choice for the investor of high duty production capacities.

Qualities of the AAC line:
for smaller markets (160 to 300 m³/day)
excellent product quality of the finished AAC
ideal choice for growing markets
green cake separating machine as an option

Steps of production:

Production Engineering:

1. First, dose and match measured raw materials

2. After distributing, feed raw material into pouring mixer to make slurry

3. Through thoroughly mixing, the slurry is poured into mould

4. After pre-curing with a certain temperature & time, the block would reach certain hardness prepare for cutting

5. Tilting hoister would turn over 90 degree of mould

6. Then open the mould & separate it from block, take the block with side plate with cutting cart

7. The block then be cut through the cutter firstly of two vertical sides of block

8. Secondly the horizontal cutting

9.  Finally the vertical cutting

10. After cutting, the block is hanged to trolley with side plate by semi-finished product hoister

11. Organizing the cut blocks and put them into autoclave

12. Hardening the blocks under certain temperature and pressure

13. Take finished products out of autoclave

14. The finished product hoister takes the finished product to stock shield

15. Packed for loading

16. The side plate return back by side plate roller

17. Side plate would be organized with empty mould after demoulding

18. Clean up, oil spraying mould and preparing for next pouring

19. Steel bars processing for panel production


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