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Time of Issue: Oct. 11, 2011 14:28:07
Period OF Validity: Nov. 10, 2011 14:28:07
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605 instant glue quality ingredients:

A - methoxy ethyl cyanoacrylate and n-butyl. Meth oxyeth ticyano acrylate adhesive.

Low-whitening,low odor, one-component, fast curing, bonding material widely, especially for P+R ... ... Electrical

appliances, instruments, machinery, electronics, optoelectronics and other industries.

At the same time the 605 instant glue for bonding porous and inert surfaces. Acid and absorbent material.

In general,insensitive surface glue. Can be used for hard bonding material surface.

With a perfect bonding effect for a variety of materials.


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