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The series of LED silicone packaging materials, mainly used in light-emitting diodes ( LED ) package, having a high refractive index and high light transmittance, can increase the LED luminous flux, low viscosity, easy for deaeration, pouring and molding, make LED has better durability and reliability.

This series product is a two-component silicone fluid sealant with high refractive index. Mainly used for electronic components of the seal, enhanced electronic device integrity, improve to shocks, shock resistance, improve the internal components, circuit insulation, conducive to device miniaturization, lightweight, avoid element, circuit is directly exposed to the environment, improve the device's waterproof, moisture-proof performance.

Features: high light transmittance, high refractive index, fast curing speed, good fluidity, good heat resistance, weather resistance;

Typical application: high-power LED light emitting diode package ( lens filler ), large power LED module top molding package, TOP chip, SMD chip, LED package, LED fluorescent powder glue, potting products such as solar panels.

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