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Time of Issue: Oct. 11, 2011 14:28:21
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Our company's solid crystal glue has high conductivity and high thermal conductivity characteristics,

one-component, moderate viscosity at room temperature, long storage time, convenient operation, mainly for large power LED solid crystal ,suitable for automatic and  semi-automatic dispensing equipment .

Matters needing attention:

1 glue in refrigerated cases, must return to the temperature to 25 degrees for 30mins to  45mins, then put into use: This product operate at room temperature  is 36 hours.

2 customers can according to the actual situation of oven, appropriate performance to extend  the curing time, in case of pillof because of the uncompletely curing .

3 seal the glue when out of use, cold storage, otherwise the viscosity will increase, and result in drawing phenomenon:

4 different glue should not be mixed use, or will clogging dispensing syringes phenomenon.

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